Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Taipower quad-core tablet, the first domestic upgrade to Android 4.4

Translated by Google

China famous trademark, the user's preferred brand of digital Taipower technology, once again lding the trend, Taipower quad-core tablet domestic first Android 4.4 system (name KitKat), the new KitKat 4.4 interface, the new animation system brings simplicity, translucent interface more butiful, less resource-intensive, you can automatically hide the status bar and the navigation bar, play games and s are immersive full-screen experience. KitKat 3D gaming performance compared to the previous Android 4.4 system more robust, ultra-low power standby for up to 30 days, three days and three nights of music playback. Under state off-screen WIFI downloads never brk, using Taipower A10h quad-core pk msured download up to 35Mbps. Of course, you will obviously feel after Taipower upgrade KitKat 4.4 tablet, whether or system response speed will significantly enhance fluency enjoying experience to fill the gap! It is reported that Taipower A10h quad-core, P88s mini quad-core will be the rliest quad-core tablet 4.4 upgrade KitKat system, more Taipower tablet upgrade, so stay tuned!

Stunning full screen wallpaper perspective effects, faster and more smoothlyTaipower after upgrading KitKat 4.4 quad-core tablet, the entire desktop wallpaper can be covered, covered from top to bottom status bar and the navigation bar, when switching to the appliion list screen, wallpaper is still visible perspective, widgets are also stunning perspective effect, touch response speed fluency or system faster and more smoothly!

Immersive full-screen experience, enhanced gaming performanceIn the latest KitKat 4.4, Taipower quad-core tablet to further enhance the performance of 3D games, 3D games smoother and more rlistic effects when playing games and can be displayed full-screen, immersive experience!

Standby 30 days, three days and three nights of music playback
Taipower upgrade KitKat 4.4 quad-core tablet better power control, a night stand, almost no change in the percentage of the morning, up to 30 days standby, music can also be played three days and three nights in a row!

Best wireless download, print outputDownload process, even under the state off-screen WIFI download does not brk, continue to download games for your , using four verifiion test Taipower A10h download spikes up 35Mbps. Taipower quad-core tablet KitKat 4.4 system with print output function, you can also customize the print size, of pages to be printed, with WiFi or Google cloud connect the printer to print the file to your PC-class experience!

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