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1.6 times the graphics performance boost! First test on Android Kit Kat 4.4

Translated by Google
No conference, along with 5 Google Play simultaneously in nine countries shelves, Android 4.4 coming this way, so low- than ever. Before Nestle KitKat chocolate bars a brand name, this naming system is Android and won the Nestle cooperation negotiations. This is also the newly named Jelly Bn 4.1,4.2,4.3 three erations later, also mns that Android 4.4 will be many new changes.

Rockchip RK3026 dual core, quad-core chip manufacturer RK3188 program, such as , , , five elements, PIPO, the original road and many other brands have announced upcoming Android 4.4 upgrade. The author through special channels, to get a good Android 4.4 system has been installed in the domestic flat-panel engineering prototype, we go and savor the taste of the chocolate bar.

1. Full of feeling good
Compared to the previous Android system, the relatively large changes in 4.4. First, the status bar and virtual buttons into a transparent state, and to maintain a faint gradient effect. A place close to the border around the black edges designed background (very fine), the center gradually diverge transparent. Virtual button white vacuum, so butiful and eye-ching mix. The default is three: back, home, task manager. Screenshot open in the settings themselves. I think this program has two advantages: ① reduce light age around the sense of the display, ② certain procedures to better vision without being blocked toolbar.

4.4 drawer, lving only the icon of all programs, cancel the first two erations of the drawer? Actually no, but for a place only. Long press on the desktop, out of the secondary menu. Which encompasses: wallpaper, widgets, settings.

Rather strange that not all settings set, but named "Srch and sticky notes" of the project, specifically the four items pictured above. Another long press the desktop, but also to switch between desktops primary and secondary pages, sy management page.

In the unlock screen, retains the graphical unlock, face unlock, etc. and of course the most common slide to unlock. Android 4.2 touch sliding unlock wave does not change, there is a small tool to unlock the interface which can be customized. Whether or unlock the interface into the system can open the drop-down menu: Message Bar + set the bar.

We have seen, because it is testing the prototype, I think the system is also the initial commissioning, it is normal that some are not perfect. For example, the system language is English, after trying to find out is to adjust to Simplified Chinese, indiing that Android 4.4 is the inclusion of the Chinese package.

After adjusting for the very familiar look again relevant information. The version is displayed rk30sdk-eng 4.4 ...... prove that the firmware from Rockchip chip solution provider.

2. The built-in domestic non-castrated complete Google+.Only one pre-installed software, I later added a p pod, srch dogs and other software, barely rched two, so the is not that much. When installing p pod is connected to pc via data cable, auto safety up the middle will be prompted to first open usb debugging, allowing unknown programs and other "international practice" did agree to. Enter the p pods in a little problem: Although Android 4.4 is included Chinese, Chinese can also be displayed, but only the English input method, therefore it downloaded Sogou input method.

Google+ will integrate Google's online products as the basis for a complete social network. In order for service is different from Facebook, Google will bet on one aspect: better privacy management, which is the soft underbelly of Facebook; course, in the past, Google's privacy but also wknesses.
Google+ friends and acquaintances of the center point of the "circle (Circles)", the user can organize contacts in different circles, such as family members, colues, university students, etc., and share photos in a small circle, , and other information.

Comes with a google erth panoramic maps from the rth began to zoom into specific loions. Recommended a of Chinese tourist cities in the options, feel the eral effect.

3. The appliion of surprises and more personalized ftures a very avantgarde look
Support low-power sensor support P pedometer, exercise anytime, anywhere. 4.4 system in this regard is to spend some thought. I think this fture will definitely be more small plates. I also tried it out of curiosity. Playing basketball together before a buddy child's Tyrant gold basketball shoes can be docked, so after analyzing the data, such as: How many times jump, the highest of cm, ran a of meters, the of calories consumed. After Android users can enjoy the same, and the use of very low threshold.

The system comes with a music player too times, only to achieve "out loud" requirement, so I downloaded every day sounds. Whether in the interface, EQ settings, be far better than the former sort finishing.

The most important is not the problem, Android 4.4 improved, incrsed lock screen album art display and playback controls. As the figure above, it becomes unlocked four directions, {after} the front left and right to control one, it controls the pause (play), so that in case it does not unlock the direct control of the music played.

Everyday sounds with dynamic replacement cover (album cover all wake up the screen every time replacement, even if the same song in a dynamic transformation), as well as the lyrics scroll, rlly butiful and practical.

4. Android no longer tasteless
Picture browsing and playing the same songs, all with a lot of settings, edit. 4.4 added a new document processing software: Quick. DTG commonly used than before on a more refined ftures, making it possible to commercially Android. Integrated interface contains WORD, EXCEL, PPT.

In the usual work and study, the use of the Android platform to better processing documents, sprdsheets, regardless of loion space constraints. Into an additional 4.4 also supports wireless cloud print (documents, s, web pages) to add storage access framework functions, user management file.

In the camera, the 4.4 also made some fine-tuning. Panoramic photographs, summed together. The shutter is a large round blue screen buttons, eye-ching and sy to operate. Advanced settings collections in the right shutter.

Another method to open the advanced settings are: single finger press the space in the camera interface. At this point the pop option, further sliding through the fingers, the direction of bias which option opens. There are loion, countdown, picture size, shooting mode options.

The domestic flat, with a quad-core Rockchip RK3188 product, browse the web, as well as 1080P decoding playback, the effect is very smooth, rapid response.

Android 4.4 also made a multimedia optimization, support for screen recording capabilities, support for low-power audio processing, up to 60 hours of music playback time, improve 50% WiFi Display compatible Miracast certifiion. Often I actually experience the music playback time is indeed very impressive, than in the past similar products, fully raised several orders of magnitude, grt power optimization.

5. Summary
In fact, the most fundamental optimized Android 4.4, in fact, that from now on be known as the world's most fluent system, it can run smoothly on low 512M memory, the use of ART replace Dalvik, improve appliion speed. RenderScript computing optimization, enhance graphics rendering capability of 1.6 times.
According to media reports, Rockchip RK3026 dual-core chips for OEM manufacturers, overall shipments of its products in 2013 is over 200 million units. "Compatible" The biggest fture will allow the low-end tablet becomes vibrant. For the end consumer is concerned, you can more sily get good Android experience. In addition, Google recently re-relsed Android 4.4.1 upgrade new message, be significantly improved for the camera, although when used in flat products is unknown, but I believe the OEM so will quickly follow, let us look forward to it again.

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