Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Tools to Take Your Games to the Next Level

In this mobile world, games aren't just for the hardcore MMOG fan anymore, they're for everyone; in fact, three out of four people with an Android phone or tablet play games. If you're a game developer, Google has a host of tools available for you to help take your game to the next level, including Google Play game services, which let's you leverage Google's strength in mobile and cloud services so you can focus on building compelling game experiences for your users. Today, we're adding more tools to your gaming toolbox, like the open sourcing of a 2D physics library, as well as new ftures to the Google Play game services offering, like a plug-in for Unity.

LiquidFun, a rigid-body physics library with fluid simulation

First, we are announcing the open-source relse of LiquidFun, a new C++ 2D physics library that makes it sier for developers to add rlistic physics to their games.

Based on Box2D, LiquidFun ftures particle-based fluid simulation. Game developers can use it for new game mechanics and add rlistic physics to game play. Designers can use the library to crte butiful fluid interactive experiences.

The clip below shows a circular body falling into a viscous fluid using LiquidFun.

The LiquidFun library is written in C++, so any platform that has a C++ compiler can benefit from it. To help with this, we have provided a method to build the LiquidFun library, example appliions, and unit tests for Android, Linux, OSX and .

We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with LiquidFun and we want to hr from you about how we can make this even better! Download the latest relse from our LiquidFun project page on GitHub and join our discussion list!

Google Play Games plug-in for Unity

If you are a game developer using Unity, the cross-platform game engine from Unity Technologies, you can now more sily integrate game services using a new Google Play Games plug-in for Unity. This initial version of the plug-in supports sign-in, achievements, lderboards and cloud save on Android and iOS. You can download the plug-in from the Play Games project page on GitHub, along with documentation and sample .

New egories for games in Google Play

New game egories are coming to the Play Store in February 2014, such as Simulation, Role Playing, and Eduional! Developers can now use the Google Play Developer Console to choose a new egory for their apps if the Appliion Type is “Games”. The New egory field in the Store Listing will set the future egory for your game. This will not change the egory of your game on Google Play until the new egories go live in February 2014.
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