Tuesday, May 24, 2016

bootloader or flashing custom ROM doesn't void your warranty!

Since started htev.com with the possibility to unlock bootloader on devices, I noticed that false information and beliefs are sprding around the world and more and more people think (and tell!) other users, that their warranty will be voided after particular device. This is not true!

In the past I wrote a short article on xda-developers about warranties and why, against common believes, flashing custom ROMs does not void your warranty. You can find this thrd here.

Here's some information worth pointing out:Warranty is a contract. In every country there are laws and regulations about warranties, however these vary from place to place and may be slightly different in your country, keep that in mind.If it's a contract, then both sides have some obligations and rights. Both - rights and obligations - needs to be written in the warranty, otherwise they doesn't exist. Warranty statements must be consistent with erally applicable law.As a contract, warranty can be crted as the parties want, as long as it'sconsistent with erally applicable law.To know exactly what's written in your warranty don't try to Google it - take it out of the box and RD IT. Don't trust what others say - their warranty might be different to your own.Now, the question is - why the bootloader doesn't void the warranty? The answer is very simple.Because 's warranty contract doesn't state it. The only information about warranty on htev.com you can find is this:

So, once again:
"It is our responsibility to caution you that not all claims resulting or caused by or from the of the bootloader may be covered under warranty."
Is there any information, that bootloader voids warranty? Nope. So basically, what does it mn? Only this - if you brick your device as a result of e.g. flashing custom ROM (unlocked bootloader allows you doing that), you may have no warranty claim for that particular incident.
Two more important things to conclude:If "not all claimsmay be covered under warranty", then (logic conversion)some claims may still be covered under warranty.Even if you can't claim something under warranty because it was caused by or from the of the bootloader, that doesn't mn you have lost your warranty. You still have your warranty and you still can claim under warranty, but this warranty won't cover those particular claims caused by or from the of the bootloader.So basically, warns you, that some of the actions you might take after the bootloader may ld to a situation, when particular issue can't be covered under warranty.
Also, this information on htev.com doesn't expand orrestrictyour warranty terms. It doesn't change it at all. If warranty is given in the paper form, then as a contract the only way to change it, is a paper form too (if not stated otherwise in the warranty itself). just kindly reminds you some sort of information you can conclude from the warranty itself.
Once again, if you are interested why flashing custom ROMs doesn't void warranty as well, plse rd this thrd.
PS. I'm also wondering why users are so crazy about so called flash counter and "Triangle Away" appliion. They don't need it to have a valid warranty, even with a yellow triangle.


This text is just for eduion purpose. It's not a law itself so you can't base your claims versus a company on this. I may be wrong in many parts - feel free to write a comment under this post and I will make any necessary corrections. I don't know the laws in every country so there may be some slight differences.

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