Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One variants [update]

taken fromsmart.com.ph

In my article here I was writing about One GSM/LTE (UL) and GSM (U) versions. The question if ROM based on UL firmware can be flashed on U device is still valid, but now we have some more details about these variants.It turns out, that UL version of One (having both GSM & LTE radio) will be available mostly in the Europe and North America. Model ID (MID) of this version isPN0710000.
U version (GSM radio only) is going mostly to Asian markets. Model ID (MID) of this version isPN0711000. There is also WL variant, which will be the Sprint version of One. I don't know MID of this version yet.
In the past we had similar situation with slightly different MIDs s of the same device. Sensation hadPG5813000 and Sensation XE had PG5813001. Both devices can use the same custom ROMs. Desire HD hasPD9810000, while Telus variant hadPD9814000 and Inspire 4G (U.S. version of Desire HD) hadPD9812000. Again, one custom ROM can be flashed on all 3 devices.There are also some more details that lds to the conclusion, that most probably users with One Uvariantwill be able to use their device with no issues after flashing custom ROM based on UL RUU. This is surely a very good news for both users and custom ROM developers. However, this will probably not enable LTE modem on U devices. So if you want to use LTE and your carrier supports this technology, make sure you will buy One UL.
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