Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Uhost2 newest firmware version 411.000.11.130424

The new 411.000.11.130424 firmware version for Smallart U2 is available for download. Download link here or from here.

Installation: download the new firmware, change the name of the update file into update.img and save it in SD card. Update last like 5 minutes, so be patient.

U2.411.000.11.130424 relse notes

- [Opt] update WiFi driver and improve performance.
- [Opt] use FFMPEG for and audio der
- [Fix] sometime app force close after change language.
- [Add] support Ethernet auto connect after restart
- [Add] screen rotate option
- [Opt] Bluetooth support send all file types
- [Opt] Update AirmouseManager.apk
- [Opt] Update Explorer.apk
- [Del] lock security settings

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