Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Watch Android @ Google I/O 2013

Posted by Reto Meier, Android Developer Relations Tech Ld

We had a lot to talk about this yr at I/O. We launched Google Play services 3.1 with Google Play games services, improved Loion APIs, and Google Cloud Messaging enhancements; Android Studio: A new IDE for Android development based on liJ ID Community Edition; and Google Play Developer Console improvements such as app translation service, revenue graphs, beta testing & staged rollouts, and optimization tips.

With the excitement of these announcements behind us, it's time to sit back, relax, and watch all the sessions we missed during the event. To make that sier, we've collected all the Android sessions together in the Android @ Google I/O 13 page on the developer site.

We've also crted the Google I/O 13 - The Android Sessions playlist (embedded below), as well as playlists for ch developer egory:design, develop, and distribute.

For those of you who prefer listening to your I/O talks without the distraction of watching spkers and slides, we're also making the sessions available as part of the Android Developers Live Podcast.

Google I/O is always a highlight on the Android Developer Relations tm's calendar, so we'll be keeping the magic alive with our Android Developers Live broadcasts.

This week we resumed our regular broadcasts with Android Design in Action offering a review of Android Design sessions at I/O. Next week will see the return of This Week in Android Development and The App Clinic, and stay tuned for more episodes of Table Flip, GDG App Clinics, and more!

We'll also continue to add new DevBytes and BizDevBytes to offer tips and tricks for improving your apps and making them more successful.

As always you can talk to us and keep track of our upcoming broadcasts, Android Studio news, and other Android developer news on the +Android Developers Google+ page.

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