Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The One 2014 (M8) design exposed

One thing for sure, everyone seems to agree that is defined by their design and build quality. The new One is pretty much revled in terms of design and construction, strikingly it lookssimilar to my mockupsposted few daysback.
Latest round of M8 s courtesy of@Family_RUand @s
What's clr from the latest photos is that there is an entirely new more rugged color combination: gun metal grey, asrumoredit has amore intense metal texturelikedarker silver and the antenna strips are black instd of white, this should tolerate a little morbusethan the current silver and black One, not surprisingly it also reminds us of the space grey iPhone 5s.
There also is one recent phone with similar color, the more affordable plastic OneHTesire 700,I recently had my hands on this device andI have to say it looks fantastic particularly the spker covers which are the only metal elements in that phone, of course it's also rumored that the M8 will be relsed with up to four color combinations from the get go.

Gun metal grey with black accents: reminds us of the Desire 700
Other apparent elements in the construction are the four visible antenna strip edges in the front view, a thinner outer frame and the metal back plate extending to the sides, all of which we highlighted in our previous article, unlike the "composite" One pseudo metal unibody with molded plastic sides, the M8 clrly carries a complete metal body fully leveraging 's antenna innovations as seen in the current One, which mns no ugly plastic and the antennas are simplystrmlinedin minimalinjectedstrips. Like the old Desire HD the entire internal hardware, screen and spker covers will be housed within this unibody.
The current One is universally praised for it's buty and high build quality, however it's that very buty which was often subject toaesthetiamage due to the exposedmachineddiamond cut edges and thesandwichedplastic frame, a design that suffered a small gap-gate on the first production runs and prompted to do somecorrections with the One Mini and Max by adding a protective plastic frame, but with the M8 it looks like is one stepcloser to their "drm for an all-metal phone".
The One (M7) had a unique composite unibody, previous like the gorgeous One S and Desire HD had full metal bodies with big plastic for reception
Now let's compare it with our own previous renders and we can see how close it is to the official render, right down to the loion of the volume and power buttons, the dual cameras and the exposed antenna strips in the front, but we also notice something new on the top right, is that an exposed notifiion LED? it brings memories of another metal phone, the One V.

The One V had aunique LED notifiion light visible from many angles
Withrumorsof a unique camera, an Ultrapixel sensor for low light and 13 MP sensor for daylight (joining an alrdy strong set of camera innovations like Burst, ZOE and Highlights),it's clr that is attempting to refine the One design by addressing most concerns and niggles ranging from the lack of pixel count in the daylight camera, passing by the lack of SD card storage expansion, the nt but hard to spot micro notifiion light and finally ending the fragile buty of the One high end construction. The One was their "all-metal phone", their next One seems to be the "full-metal phone".
Finally there is one more matter to point out, the print seems to be for the official screenprotector, simply titled " ONE (M8)". Is about to simplyusenames a way to separatebetween old and new models?
We will lvediscussingtherumoredhardware specs for another day.Of course this is all following the trail of ers, which can still be mislding so let us know if you think some big surprises are still in store.
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