Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Stock system dumps (Android 4.3 with Sense 5.5) for One

Very important update is out since yesterday for One user. Android Revolution HD 30.0 - the world first custom ROM based on Android 4.3 & Sense 5.5 for One is available for download on XDA-Developers thrd.However, there is always one problem when it comes to updates - no RUUs (ROM Update Utility) officially available for download for regular users ( One Developer Edition and Google Edition seems to be the only exceptions). Why RUU is that important to us? I alrdy made a short explanation here, but let's remind that again.

RUU (.exe) files for MS are installers of complete firmware, including for example system or data partitions. Not having latest RUU mns:users using custom ROMs can't download latest OTA from ,developers have no system dumps they can work with.Ad. 1)If you want to download and flash latest OTA, your device must have completely stock system partition and recovery. Every OTA update is checking MD5 of ch file on system partition to ensure .apk can be applied. If even one of 1000 files won't match, OTA update installation will fail. In this case you need to flash the latest official update you can find (even one yr old) and later download official OTA updates.
Ad. 2)There are few workarounds, however none of them is as good as having a RUU:adb pull /systemin custom recovery mode*cp /system /data/media/dumpin custom recovery mode*nandroid backupboot partition can be taken from inside firmware.zip inside OTA .zip package or it can be dumped usingdd if=</path/to/boot/partition> of=/data/media/boot.img*adb pull,cporddcommands must be executed from custom recovery mode, otherwise system dump will be missing few important files or these files will have 0kb size. Also, keep in mind that adb ftures are hvily limited on stock un-rooted device. In case ofddcommand, root access (su) is needed to make such operation.
That's why I crted my own stock system dumps (as a custom recovery .zip packages) for some devices. I believe this cansave a lot of timefor many XDA users and developers.
One thrd - One *STOCK* ROM | 3.57.401.500 | Jelly Bn | Sense 5.5
Download links can be found on this blog, under Downloads section -Downloads

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