Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sense 5.5 busted! True screenshots of the incoming UI

It's been some time since we have had Sense 5.0 on the market. In the past few weeks this, considered by many as the best Android UI, also has been relsed for One X and One X+.
We alrdy know for a few months, that has alrdy been working on the next version of their famous UI - Sense 5.5. Some of the Sense 5.5 ftures are alrdy present in the latest One Android 4.3 build, however they are currently disabled in the framework.
Today, we present to you the first screenshots of the incoming Sense 5.5 interface. If you are going to share this grt news, plse don't forget to include the source link too!

Home screen - now you can disable or enable BlinkFeed sily.

Android Quick Settings - now you can re-arrange the content of the QS panel.

Improved board with possibility to add more emoticons.

Improved camera - "Dual capture" and "Panorama+", Storage and Recent Apps panel.

New BlinkFeed egories, custom topics tab and minor changes to alarm clock.

Many more changes are of course under the hood, so expect improved performance and overall UI smoothness. Many bugs are also fixed, so the incoming Sense 5.5 should bring a lot of joy for all fans!

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