Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sense 5 Toolbox - the best customizer for Sense 5 based ROMs

If you haven't used it yet - you rlly should. I'm talking about the "Sense 5 Toolbox" appliion, made initially for Android Revolution HD. In the last few weeks the popularity of this appliion rched an unexpected level, and we believe it's a rson to celebrate.
More details about the Sense 5 Toolbox can be found on this blog, under "Sense 5 Toolbox" link on the right panel. Or, just click here.
Why Sense 5 Toolbox?

The appliion is an answer for 2 basic issues:many users wants to customize their OS as much as possible, butcurrently available solutions similar to Sense 5 Toolbox are very limited when it comes to the possibility of using them on most custom ROMs.
Android Revolution HD is known to be a "stock-looking" ROM, which was always the most important aspect for many users,who were looking for a stable and well known custom ROM. However, having a custom ROM with such popularity brought our attention to many users, who were looking for a stable custom ROM, but also with a little touch of customisation ftures - like displaying the battery percentage, or being able to re-order or re-design some part of the UI. This lds to two different approaches:having a custom ROM full of many more or less advanced ftures d into the framework, which always ends up with all sort of issues, bugs, waiting a long time for a new ROM version based on freshly relsed official OS update etc; orhaving a custom ROM like Android Revolution HD, close to stock with just a few changes under the hood to make Android users life sier, combined with a standalone appliion like Sense 5 Toolbox.The result is what most users are looking for: stock looking by default, a stable and optimized custom ROM - but with the capability to change many things inside the OS.
With Android Revolution HD and Sense 5 Toolbox you have:fast updates when a new OS is relsed/,a stable custom ROM,the capability to customize your OS,grt performance because of the twks under the hood,many ftures not available on the stock ROM.The Sense 5 Toolbox is undercontinuousdevelopment. More and more ftures are coming with ch new relse and the "to do" list is quite large.

In the background, another project is still alive and under hvy developmenttoo. I'mreferring to the "Revolution Toolbox" appliion, announced in this post few weeks ago. It's still being tested, however we are getting close to the first public beta. Just one little secret I can say out loud now - Revolution Toolbox and Sense 5 Toolbox will "connected" in a particular way. Can't say more for now, stay tuned!
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