Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One vs. iPhone 5s - comparison: part 1

The One was relsed rlier this yr a midst a fair amount of hype and anticipation. The handset has seemingly brought back into the forefront of mobile technology, to the point where Robert Downey Jr. is now their marketing star. has refreshed the iPhone with the 5s, and its popularity continues to rise yr after yr. Competition has grown substantially, with various manufacturers relsing grt smart set to compete in every major market. So how has continued to stand out against the crowd? With its build quality and gorgeous display.
placed an emphasis on build quality, providing the same type of aluminium material found on the iPhone 5 and now the 5s. Without delving too deep into its multitude of ftures, below is a comparison of the One and ’s newest flagship, the iPhone 5s. Both provide unique experiences and are worthy competitors against one another.

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