Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Firmware for Miracast P-01 and P-02 adapters

Download new firmware P-022.10.131217 from here, here or here. (41,6 MB).

P-02 firm relse notes
- Support Note3 screen mirroring, /Google 5
- Optimize for Miracast function
- Optimize for soft AP rdy time
- Add long press switch button 5 seconds to start factory reset
- Fix factory reset the soft AP sometime change to P-init issue
- Add HDMI output mode option in web and airfun settings and update airfun.apk
- Fix cannot connect to some routers with special setting
- Add download speed display for online DLNA link playback
- Fix IOS device cannot use DLNA local media share when P not connect to Internet
- Optimize for Tencent DLNA
- Fix some DLNA crash issues

- Fixed cannot play DLNA from SOHU V3.1.1 for Android
- Remember user last used mode: DLNA or WIFI display mode
- Fixed sometimes available APs list not full displayed in airfun

- Build-in MirrorOP receiver, support PC, MAC PC, android phone/tablet and IOS
iphone/ipad sender
- Fixed sometimes WIFI display audio and sync issue
- Update airfun.apk for android

- Optimized WIFI display for allsharecast and 4
- Fixed PP DLNA connection fails issue.
- Fixed build-in airfun app for PC cannot work issue.
- Add MirrorOP for PC
- Fixed modified settings by airfun cannot be saved
- Delete wifi display PIN mode
- Fixed sometimes mode change fails issue
- Fixed sometimes HDMI no display issue

P-02 upgrade guide
1. Change the firmware name to ‘install.img’, and put it to the root directory of U .
2. Connect U by OTG cable through USB port of P.
3. Press U , and then connect power port of P.
4. Progress bar will be shown on monitor, after complete, the firmware upgrading is over.5. Enjoy the new firmware.

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