Tuesday, May 24, 2016

More details about the M8

In a few months we'll most likely see new high-end device from . Some of the current rumours were true, but here comes much more details you've never hrd before!
Device will be named One+ (name: M8) and it won't have any capacitive buttons. No more "home" or "back" buttons we get used to with the One ( M7). Camera is probably a 6MP or 8MP module, of course with the UltraPixel™ technology and probably the new Chip™ 3. Current rumours about double lens (for low and high lighting) might be true as well. Battery capacity is much bigger now - 2900 mAh instd of 2300 mAh in the One. With just a slightly bigger screen in the One+ (5") versus One (4,7") we can expect much better battery life.
Chipset (SoC) is very likely to be Snapdragon 805 (instd of 800). This is a very good news because Snapdragon 800 is alrdy quite an "old" chipset. The only problem is the drivers development by Qualcomm. Let's hope that won't stop from replacing S800 with the S805.
In contrast to the One, the One+ will have removable micoSD card. The non-removable microSD card in the One was a source of a lot of critics from Android fans. Hopefully the design of the M8 won't suffer from that.

One+ will be equipped with the newest Sense™ 6.0 and Android KitKat.

So what do you think? I'm alrdy very excited and rlly can't wait for the One successor. The One won almost every award in the 2013 knocking out the competition. Let's hope the One+ will rept this grt success!
To summarize:Name: One+ ( M8)Screen: 5" FullHD 1080p covered by Gorilla Glass 3Battery: 2900mAhCamera: 6MP or 8MP withUltraPixel™technology and double lensSoC: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 805RAM: 2GB LPDDR3Buttons: no capacitive buttonsOS: Android KitKat with Sense™ 6.0SIM: micro-SIMFront camera: 2.1MPNFC: yesHave any questions or comments? Feel free to share!Also, if you like this article, plse use media sharing buttons (Twitter, G+, Facebook) below this post!

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