Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mega Manager v3.5.1 Portable

Mega Manager v3.5.1 Portable | 9.93 MB
Powerful uploading (up to 6 times faster than through a web browser)
- Upload at line speed
- Unattended batch uploads
- Resume uploads

Powerful downloading
- Resume downloads
- Unlimited unattended batch downloads (premium only)
- Download at line speed (premium only)

Batch link checking
- Know which links are still valid before you start downloading
- Download any of files with a single mouse click (premium only)
Integrated file manager

Integrated eric download accelerator
Uploading with Mega Manager
Have you ever wished your uploads to Megaupload were faster? That you could resume an interrupted upload where it stopped instd of starting again from scratch? In this case, Mega Manager is for you! Depending on your connection, uploads will be two to six times faster than through a web browser. And when your upload gets interrupted for some rson, it will automatically be resumed when you start Mega Manager again.

Downloading with Mega Manager
Have you ever wished you could download a batch of Megaupload links without spending hours in front of your computer? With Mega Manager, you finally can. Simply copy & paste a list of links into Mega Manager. Mega Manager will tell you beforehand which of the links are still good and which have been deleted or expired. Then, if you have a premium account, you can start a batch download with a single mouse click. Mega Manager will take care of the rest.

Minimum requirements:
· Pentium 500Mhz or grter/ AMD Athlon 500Mz or grter processor
· 2000 or XP or Vista
· Minimum of 64MB RAM (128MB or higher required for XP and Vista)
· Minimum of 50MB hard space
· Graphics card set to 16 bit or higher resolution (800x600 screen resolution or grter)
· Internet Explorer version 6.0 or grter (free download from www..com)
· Internet connection (dial-up modem, ISDN, cable, ADSL, microwave, optical, etc.)
Download:http://filebeep.com/8izwbwakna4n/Mega_Manager_v3.5.1.zip.htmlor http://www.filesonic.com/file/4138940544/Mega_Manager_v3.5.1.zip

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