Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to loe your Android smartphone or tablet

Smart and tablets are part of life for all of us. They hold valuable information for users, and their loss is a risk that no one wants. Fortunately, there are solutions to monitor your tablet or smartphone.

The most accessible to all users of Android smart and tablets is Android Device Manager. Solution is made ​​available even Google and is very sy to use.

The first thing you have to do before installing the appliion is to allow Google to have access to your loion . Access settings smartphone or tablet and Loion Access menu you can activate the necessary options.

The second step is to ensure that in the Google Settings section Access Google Loion Loion Settings option is checked. So your phone is rdy to be loed by appliions specially designed for this purpose. Keep in mind that you can always disable these options.

The final step is to check the loion of your Android gadget is correct. To see this , go to here. You will notice that the page offers three options for interacting with your device.The first one is the "Ring" and is perfect for those situations when the gadget is not found in your room. It will sound until you turn off the ringer in her time finding.

The second option, "Lock" allows you to limit access to your gadget content and display a message on its screen. It is a good opportunity to communie an email address or a phone to one who finds gadget can contact.

If the first two options do not help, last, "Erase" is the last chance to prevent your data to get into the hands of foreigners.

If you own multiple Android devices, you can download the appliion from the Google Play Store at any time to monitor the loion of ch of them.Have you ever lost your phone or you have to lose? Android Device Manager loe lost devices and helps to keep the device (and the data in it) safe. The Android device manager you can:

● Loe Android devices associated with your Google Account
● Reset the PIN lock screen
● Delete all data from your phone via blog.utok.com

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