Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HiMedia Q5Ⅱ supports 3D Blu-Ray & 7.1 PassThrough. WOW!

HiMedia has been to "help improve your HD of life" for the mission, the concern of the Q5 II not only to maximize the core advantage of high-quality content resource, also have DTS, DOLBY certifiion, in order to rlistic surround sound for HD picture matching, bring the perfect experience for the user. In addition to the support of DTS-HDMA and TRUE-HD7.1 next eration audio source output, more surprises on the Q5 II, plse pay attention to HiMedia Sina official micro-blog, not only can further understand more of Q5, but also the first time to grasp the latest information on activities of HiMedia Dual Core Q5.

The so-called live, not only is the shadow s bring us visual enjoyment, more sound texture, atmosphere gives us the enjoyment of hring, vivid, can enjoy viewing plsure, it seems, sound in view of process of the sensory stimulus contributed, so we also have extreme pursuit of sound. HiMedia Dual core set-top box Q5Ⅱnot only in the shadow of the performance is very good, also takes the mainstrm audio formats, support for DTS, DOLBY audio decoding, support DTS-HDMA, TRUEHD 7.1 and other professional stage audio, perfect sound performance. This Q5 allows us to experience a different life, graceful, butiful music, in a perfect light voice...... Let you be unable to resist world of sensual romance.
HiMedia dual core Set Top box not only supports , WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC and other mainstrm audio formats, and can support APE, FLAC lossless music format, allowing users to lossless audio perfectly relaxed feel, to experience the rl top entertainment life, enjoy the sound of nature!

Audio decoding capability of Q5 is also in full, not only supports DTS, DOLBY audio decoding, more support for DTS-HDMA and TRUE-HD7.1 next eration audio source output to the amplifier, coupled with the next eration of power equipment, can select the advantage to the sampling frequency and channel more channels, more flexible, the sound is exquisite, natural, full, solid, has the sense of hierarchy, users can enjoy the most perfect sound quality, achieve the original sound audio-visual effect of be personally on the scene. Q5 also supports the 7.1 relegation to the 5.1 audio output, audio has a level of performance is very clr, have 5.1 home thter users upgrade to 7.1, save trouble, also can experience the stereo surround audio visual effect.
Recently, such as "Crazy Primitive Man", "Iron Man 3", "Lost" and exit 3D original , let 3D upsurge again popular. Those unimaginable stereo vision is rlly fascinating, so rltek1186DD chip which has a super 3D HD decoding technology is popular, but Rltek1186 in the extended appliion goes down to ARM Cortex-A9.When ARM Cortex-A9 is popular, 3D is a flaws.you can't have your cake and t it too .Now HiMedia dual core android set top box Q5Ⅱ ,equipped with Android 4.2 operating system, expand the appliion , but also perfectly support 3D Blu-ray playback , so you can t both fish and br's paw now .3D is rarely a masterpiece, more and more fans began to move into the 3D blue living room .HiMedia Q5Ⅱdual core android set-top box supports all common 3D format, including the left and right format, on the format and the blue 3D coding format, rlizes the 3D format full decoding, both the shutter 3D , 3D or polarizing type, can be compatible with HDMI, then take 1.4 HD interface can be the perfect output 3D , for users to show 3D visual shock. The original 3D quality, whether it is texture, color, lighting or camera to show the effect is beyond imagination, delie, natural, vivid, solid, rl, draw the outline of a perfect world, allowing users to enjoy the uine 3D magic.HiMedia Q5Ⅱ android set-top box based on Hisilicon 3718 chipset decoding ability is strong, sy to appr in 1080P HD quality at the same time, also supports DTS and DOLBY audio double decoding, to rlly restore the shocking audiovisual. For the network on the commonly used RMVB, AVI, TS, MKV, VOB and other formats, it is be nothing difficult. Surprise is continuing !HiMedia Q5II not only supports the 3D Blu-ray disc BDMV directory and the 3D BD ISO, more can perfect ly support the BD disc subtitles and PGS embedded subtitles . subtitles set is follow your hrt, very awesome! On the HiMedia Q5Ⅱ excellent local playback function, we can gradually resolve step by step. Changes in the eyes, HiMedia Q5II is not only the hardware upgrade, more functional lp! HiMedia always taking user need as the starting point , in order to give the user a better, more useful products. As long as you can imagine HiMedia can do! Ftures

ARM Cortex A9 1.6G Dual-core CPU+Mali-400 GPU
Android 4.2
Google Browser and HTML5 Support
Google play support
DLNA Support
HiControl , HisHARE , Airplay , Miracast Support
2D/3D Games Support
3D BDISO Support
Built-in 802.11N WIFI
New designed remote control makes operation simple and confortable
DTS-HDMA and TRUEHD 7.1 PassThrough Support
External SATA Interface
XBMC, Netflix, Flash Support

HardwareCPU: ARM Cortex A9 1.6G Dual-core CPU+Mali-400 GPU
Flash: 4GB NAND Flash
OS: Android 4.2
Wired LAN: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Wireless LAN : Built-in 802.11N WIFI
USB: USB2.0 Host*3( connect to USB devices)
SATA: External Hot sWAP sata + Power Interface
AV output: Composite , HDMI , L/R Stereo , Optical SPDIF
Card Rder: MMC/SD 2-in-1 card rder
MCU: MCU power on/off remote controller

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