Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Give-away! Win a brand new One!

Edit: 9.10.2013The contest is now closed.I'm trying to rch the first randomly selected person to confirm if he (yes, it's "he") has a Twitter account and he entered the contest properly.
If he won't answer me within next 24 hours I will pick another winner. Stay tuned and check your Google Hangouts ;)
Here comes another give-away!This time the winner will get a brand new One. Previously, a brand new One X+ in a limited white colour went to Barry.
This give-away is international, which mns everyone from around the world can enter and win! One is also supported by Android Revolution HD on XDA Developers Forum under this link.
Why One?
Because it's still the best Android device you can find on the market. partnered with Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) on aseries of #hange sthat only he could come up with. To enter the contest, you need to visit first a shortRDJ change available here -http://s..com/1fKG6Rr
RulesWatch this -http://s..com/1fKG6RrIn the comments section benth this post answer one of these two questions:what would you like to change in the Android OS?whatwas the most important change in your life?You might use just a few words, but you might come up with a whole story too.Share this give-away announcement on Twitter(short link:http://goo.gl/Hfq5d2)using the#RevolutionChangehashtag - this is very important for us to see you actually entered the contest!

The winner will be picked randomly onWednesday, October 9th 2013.
As mentioned above, it's a brand new One in a variant of your choice (GSM or GSM+LTE).

Good luck everyone!

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