Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Download Rikomagic Remote Control appliion APK

Rikomagic Remote Control is a nice appliion which let you use your Android phone or tablet as a remote control for one of these little sticks while it’s plugged into your . The Rikomagic appliion is also sy to use and pretty versatile. The first time you fire it up the app will scan your network looking for a compatible device. Just choose your device from the list and you’re on your way.From there you can use your phone or tablet as a toucad to move a mouse cursor across your screen. You can also bring up a board to start typing, or turn your phone into a touchscreen controller — allowing you to pinch to zoom, scroll through websites, or even play games on your . You can also use your phone or tablet’s gyroscopic sensor for motion-based input.
There’s a Control tab that brings up a more traditional remote control-style interface, with direction buttons, home, back, menu, and srch buttons, and more. This view also has a power button. Pressing it once disables the display on the just as if you’d tapped the power button on a tablet. Or you can completely shut down your device by pressing and holding the power icon until a pop-up asks if you’d like to power off. Once you do that, though, the only way to turn your mini PC back on is to unplug and reconnect the power source.

You can download it from here, here or here.The pack contains:- MK802II client- Mobile Control for Android 4.1- Mobile Control for Android 4.2

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