Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Download PhoenixCard v3.06

PhoenixCard is a software that let you Android firm on micro SD cards. Phoenixcard is free based software designed to crte bootable s and write them to connected removble drives, such as SDCARDs or MicroSDs. The removble drive is then placed into the target device and the device is made to boot from the removble drive, applying an update or complete re to the target. It is used especially for Allwinner A10 ARM processors.
Download PhoenixCard v3.06 from here, here or here.
[update] Now you can download PhoenixCard v3.09 from here.

Crte installation SD card.
Important: This will erase the SD card

Download and unzip the Phoenixcard archive to a folder on your PC.Unzip the single (name).img from the downloaded to an accessible folder on your system.Obtain a micro SD card of at lst 1GB in size and connect it to your PC in some fashion. It should be accessible under a drive letter in .Browse to the folder where you unzipped Phoenixcard and find the PhoenixCard.exe file with the green folder icon next to it. Double click to launch. The Phoenixcard software will launch.Using the drop down to the right of select the drive letter that contains your Micro SD card.Click on the button and browse to whereever you extracted (name).img to, and select the file.Ensure Product is selected under Write Mode. Product mode will crte a self booting Micro SD designed to apply a separate to a device.Click on . Pay attention to the status messages. Once it is complete you can eject the Micro SD from your system.

PhoenixCard User Guideline

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