Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Download MK902 Android Jelly Bn 4.2.2 Stock Firmware

Download MK902 Android Jelly Bn 4.2.2 stock firmware from here, here or here.
1. Download the firmware archive and extract it on desktop.2. Second, connect MK902 to your computer. Prepare an USB cable (male USB to male USB cable); insert one USB port to computer usb host. Prepare also a thin metal stick; press the recover button like in the below. Don’t loose the stick, at same time, insert the another USB port to the unit USB slave port. After 3-5 seconds, loose the stick.

3. Install driver using RK Driver Assistant.4. the with Rockchip Batch Tool v1.7 using 'Restore' button.

This process will take about 3 minutes, plse wait patiently, during recovery/upgrade, don’t remove the USB cable and don’t power off during updating or recovering. First reboot of the unit after recovery/update will take more long time than usual, and even occur some lag issue, it’s normal since internal apk files need to be decompressed and occupy RAM, after 5 minutes, then system will be running well. So don’t worry about that.

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