Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Download latest Uberizer v1.7

All credits go to HcH from techknow.me forum.
Download Uberizer v1.7 from here, here or here.

The Uberizer aims to support many android devices. Use the Uberizer to:
* connect
* improve
* backup
* control
* debug
* unlock full play store
* mod
* optimize
* personalise
* root
* and more!

Uberizer Quickstart Guide:
Connecting your device to your computer:

To get started using the Uberizer you will need to connect to your computer. This can be done 2 ways:
* Wired (Advanced users only) (This method can ROOT devices which aren't rooted)

The rson why wireless is recommend is because it's sy! Wired installation requires you to install the ADB driver which can sometimes have problems, some devices have wierd ADB ports so you will have problems finding the proper cable for it and some devices don't have ADB ports at all.

** Setting up your device for Wireless Uberizing (RECOMMENDED)

1. Go to the Wireless Menu (w)
2. Enable Wireless ADB using ONE of these options: 2, 4 or 5, whichever is most sy for your situation.
3. If you use an app (4 or 5), start the app on your Android device.
Use option 6 to connect to the given IP in the app.
If you chose option 2, you must find your device IP, go to Settings, About device, Status, to see the IP.

** Setting up your device for Wired Uberizing (Advanced users only)

1. Install ADB drivers (from dir usb_driver) for wired ADB
2. Boot Android, connect device (on the device, the statusbar will display "usb debugging mode is activated")
3. Run this tool, analyse device so this tool can seek info of your device
and will check if your model is supported by mods

NOTE: Your device must have "ADB Debugging" checked in: "Settings \ Developer options \ USB debugging (Debug mode when USB is connected)"

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