Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Download EZCast latest versions (March 2014)

EZCast is powerful Wi-fi Display appliion, you can use EZCast to transfer sily and quickly photos, music and s from smart , tablet PC, notebook computers or desktop computers to the , monitor or projector.
Download the archive with latest versions (March 2014) from here, here or here.
The EZCast pack contains:

- EZCast_Win v.
- EZCast_MacOS v.1.0.59.pkg
- EZCast-oldrelse v.1.1.132.apk
- link to EZCast for Android v. 1.1.144
- link to EZCast for iOS v.1.1.150

What's New in iOS version 1.1.150
1. Add multi-lang support
2. Fix iPhone can’t get HD youtube
3. Update base SDK/UI to iOS7
4. Support subtitle for mediaStrm

What's new in Android version 1.1.144 1 Incrse Demo Mode, you can try function without the hardware status.
2. Improve "device not found" problem
3 Incrse social networking Social function, users can watch Facebook s on your own and friends, and when the playback can share to friends.
4 When playing a file name display
5. Fixed some bugs6. Chromecast mode
What's New in Win version 1.0.98 1. Simplify UI.
2. Fix minor bugs.

What's New in EZCast firmware version 11468 (2014-02-28)
1. Fix bugs for subtitle strming
2. Improve transmission performance.
3. Improve .asf and .flv support.
4. Improve Miracast compatibility.
5. Improve Audio decoding.
6. Simplify UI, improve OSD.7. Remove split screen. (Split screen is only for premium version with larger internal memory).8. Improve OTA rules. (It is noted that this update will reset the configuration default).9. Add 'Social Network' function.10. Fix minor bugs.

Unfortunately my Tronsmart T1000 is stuck at EZCast firmware 11283 version and it seems that it is unable to receive OTA updates anymore, I don't know why. I tried many times in Settings to Upgrade, but the system always told me that my device firmware is the latest one. I know how to upgrade it manually, but I don't have the latest firmware .The Android appliion gave me now the next error: if you have several WiFi connections available, you have first to go in Settings --> Wi-Fi --> Choose Tronsmart; only in this way can connect then in appliion with Tronsmart T1000. This is maybe because of my old EZCastfirmware (11283).

Here you can download the previous versions pack.
Tronsmart T1000 is an amazing Mirror2 dongle.

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