Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Calibre Portable

Calibre Portable was designed to be a e-book library management appliion.

Library Management:
· Calibre Portable is primarily a ebook aloging program. It stores your ebook files in a database along with sily editable metadata describing ch book. It is designed around the concept of the logical book, i.e. a single entry in the database that may correspond to ebooks in several formats.
Calibre Portable support sorting the books in its database by:
· Title
· Author
· Date
· Publisher
· Rating
· Size (Max size of all formats)
It also supports extra metadata fields that can be srched on:
· Series: The series that a book belongs to
· Comments: A eral purpose field that can be used to describe the book, add notes on it, etc.
· Tags: A flexible system to egorize books. You can tag any book with any custom tag to indie subject, rd status, egory, etc.
· The database view also supports filtering by srching on the metadata. You can perform advanced srching on individual metadata fields by clicking the advanced srch button to the left of the srch bar.
· The books in the database can be saved to using the "Save to " button. All selected books are saved in a folder structure organized by Author and Title.
· You can fetch metadata for a book based on its ISBN or its title / author, instd of manually entering the metadata. You can also fetch a cover based on the ISBN .
Format Conversion:
· Calibre Portable supports conversion from (HTML, LIT, RTF, TXT, PDF(simple text+few s)) to the ebook rder format LRF. An graphical interface to the conversion software can be accessed by clicking the "Convert E-books" button.
· The command line access is via the command any2lrf. The conversion is very powerful and supports advanced typesetting ftures like tables, dropcaps, inline s, embedded fonts, etc. Full documentation of the ftures of the conversion software can be found at Conversion to LRF.
Syncing to E-rder Devices:
· Calibre Portable has a modular device driver design that makes adding support for different e-rder devices sy. At the moment, it has support for the PRS 500/505. Syncing supports updating metadata on the device from metadata in the library and the crtion of collections on the device based on the tags defined in the library view. If an book has more than one format available, Calibre Portable automatically chooses the best format when uploading to the device.
Fetching News:
Calibre Portable can automatically fetch news from a of websites, format the news into a ebook and upload to a connected device. At the moment there is support for erating LRF ebooks. Supported news sites are:
· Newsweek
· New York Times
· The BBC
· The Economist
· The news fetching subsystem has a modular design, which makes it sy to add support for more sites. If you are interested in adding support for a site, rd the User Manual. Once you have crted a recipe, consider sharing it with other users by attaching it to User Recipes.
Viewing E-books:
· Calibre Portable has an inbuilt viewer that can display LRF format files, so you can look over a recent conversion before uploading to the rder. It supports all the ftures of the LRF format, except dropcaps.
New Ftures:
· Get Books: Add litres.ru store
· Change the aorithm that erates title sort strings to strip lding articles from both english and the current language set for the calibre user interface. In addition, in the edit metadata dialog, calibre will use the book's language when calculating the sort string. This behavior can be adjusted via Preferences->Twks.
· Driver for Cybook Odyssey.
· Irex driver: Put books into the top level directory instd of into /ebooks or /Books.

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