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BricsCad Pro v12.1.8 Portable

BricsCad Pro v12.1.8 Portable -102 MB
Bricscad is the powerful DWG-alternative CAD platform that enables DWG-based appliions and offers a complete and recognizable fture set to professional users.
You can modernize your CAD for 1/5 the price of AutoCAD.
Bricscad offers full-function 2D/3D DWG-based CAD and a compelling technology roadmap.
Bricscad comes with friendly upgrade policies.
The people behind Bricscad are CAD veterans committed to world-class support.
Most users are transitioning from AutoCAD to Bricscad in one week or less.
Bricscad has over 100,000 users around the world and rned a 98% satisfaction rating.
Users and administrators in organizations with both Bricscad and AutoCAD prefer Bricscad.
Bricscad offers an AutoCAD-compatible programming platform that supports existing appliions.

Incrsingly, top developers are offering their existing AutoCAD appliions and add-ons on Bricscad.
You can try it right now for free!

Other benefits
Enabling appliions
Thanks to the extended list of compatible APIs available (LISP, SDS, COM, BRX), Bricscad V10 is now chosen by more than hundred of appliion developers so far to port their AutoCAD based appliion to. ch appliion extends Bricscad V10 fture set to a new level.

Enabling solutions
Appliions in main domains, such as AEC, GIS, Mechanical and Civil Engineering lift the Bricscad platform to the highest professional level. With a constant growing of available engineering appliions the Bricscad platform offers rl solutions for the job to be done.

Enabling choices
By enabling DWG based solutions in every engineering domain Bricsys now finally can offer freedom in the decision process. As from Bricscad V10 on, the DWG world does have a rl choice. Bricscad V10 combines professional engineering solutions with a fair and transparent pricing model, and a user friendly upgrade policy.
Worldwide presence
Bricscad is worldwide lder in DWG alternative CAD. Bricscad V10 - today available in 13 languages - offers an international platform for appliions. Bricsys - the company behind Bricscad - assists developers actively with the porting of regional and international appliions. Together with the appliion developers, Bricsys is building an international DWG based engineering community.

High quality support
In addition to its technological strength, Bricsys delivers high quality support to ch user, ch developer, every day and everywhere. Bricsys customers are lders in their field and require a zero tolerance support. Bricsys eliminates barriers between its technical tms and the users of its products. Bricsys customers - anywhere on the globe - can communie their support requests directly with the Bricsys support tm.

And finally, yes we know that our pricing is one of the main rsons why most people ultimately prefer our technology. Comparable quality for far less money. Download V10 and try it out for free for the next 30 days. We are confident

Version 12.1.7 - 26/11/2011
Version 12.1.7 is the same as 12.1.6, with corrected status: Relse instd of Beta.

Version 12.1.8 - 05/12/2011
XLOADPATH system variable has been enabled. It defines the path to be used when looking up reference drawings.
SR32528 - REDSDKINFO command has been added to provide Redway (rendering) related diagnostics. The command displays information about local GPUs, current/recommended GPU drivers, the value of the RenderUsingHardware setting, and whether Aero is On. It also recommends a driver if needed.

SR19253, SR20546 - TOOLBARS: a flyout defined in another cui file was not displayed correctly if UseOwnIcon="false" (icon not drawn)
SR30971 - POLYGON: UCS elevation was only applied during dynamic display, but not to the eventually crted polygon.
SR31003, SR32447 - 2D CONSTRAINTS: the Point & Line option of the DcAligned command crted a Rotated Dimension instd of a constraint.
SR31848 - EXTRUDE: polyline extrusion resulted in deleted polyline.
SR31927 - 2D CONSTRAINTS: loading a user-provided drawing failed because it contained a corrupt constraint definition. This is now handled gracefully.
SR32077 - DCCONVERT and DIMCONSTRAINT: the commands behave distinctly now.
SR32188 - DIMTAD: added missing option for DIMTAD (value 4 = "Below") to DIMTAD combobox in Drawing Explorer and Properties Bar.
SR32217, SR32487 - FIELDS: it was not possible to save a drawing after inserting a field in an attribute via the TTEDIT dialog.
SR32333 - DIMTEDIT: corrected dimension text positioning for horizontal dimension with DIMTMOVE==1.
SR32467 - DIMSTYLE: fixed unexpected error on dimstyle edit for DIMADEC value -1. This value is no longer supported.
SR32486 - 2D CONSTRAINTS: dchorizontal constraint could not be modified in user-provided drawing.
SR32539 - Display of text using textstyles with bigfonts: Uni characters should not be used in main font, if they are present in bigfont; only MBCS should be looked up in main font.
SR32636 - MATERIAL EXPLORER: crash occurred upon renaming a material (regression introduced in V12.1.7).

Appliion Development
LISP SDS BRX: fixed grText() functionality - statusbar info text for "Info" field (id -1) is now maintained, until removed (by setting as empty text) or calling (grText -5).
SR32407 - Lisp : added 2 new VL Lisp functions :
(vl-showPromptMenu optionsString) - opens the PromptMenu with provided options string, can be same string as in (initget)
(vl-hidePromptMenu) hides the PromptMenu. If not present, this function does nothing
The PromptMenu is shown in "modeless" mode - thus (vl-showPromptMenu) does not wait for user interaction, therefore, Lisp should call (vl-hidePromptMenu) to remove the menu, if still present. Both functions are intended to assist (grd) function, to be used with care.



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