Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Android KitKat coming soon for RK3188 & RK3026 devices

Rockchip officially confirmed via its subsidiary A9 architecture RK3026 dual core, RK3188 quad-core products, approved first upgrade Google Android 4.4 system (name KitKat). In 2013 Q3, Rockchip get exclusive support Google relsed Android (Andrews Window System), and the second exclusive Android 4.4, so again Rockchip upgraded to become the world's first chip solution provider.

"Compatible" is the biggest highlight of this version of the system. Google Android, Chrome and Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of appliion services to the media, Android 4.4 system running on all Android devices, whether it is the most advanced, or the cest, most low-end Android devices. Thus, Android 4.4 system will completely end Android is deeply criticized "fragmentation."
In addition to better compatibility, the new Android 4.4 system on a lot of details to enhance the functionality. In the UI, including full-screen mode, the status bar and virtual Anjan transparency, Emoji board, a new icon, lock screen, splash screen and change the color scheme, which are larger; against the of the "cloud" dl has been raised to support the wireless cloud Print and integrated Quick, etc.; addition, wrable devices for functional support is also a big attraction, allowing the device through Bluetooth4.0, wrable hlth appliions and interactive. But the most exciting thing is to optimize performance on: RenderScript calculated by optimizing graphics rendering capabilities to improve to 1.6 times, the state of Shimonoseki screen WIFI not continue to stay connected, super-power standby up to 30 days or more, long music playback time up to 60 hours, a 50% incrse.

We know, RK3026 RK3188 dual core and quad-core A9 architecture products are in the power and performance than A5, A7 architecture has a strong natural advantages; with Android 4.4 will make the overall system performance, power and gain fluency further enhanced.

It is understood, RK3026 dual core as an alternative to traditional killer product, Rockchip in September 2013 had been shipped worldwide, as of December, based on flat products RK3026 program, a large of countries in Asia, Africa and the region alrdy has a large holdings. The RK3188 has become a high-end quad-core tablet substitutes, , , , and other international brands have launched products based on the program.

Currently, Rockchip Android 4.4 system has begun to open to international cooperation and domestic OEM manufacturers, end users in December to get OTA upgrade package.

The new upgrade ftures:
1, more fluid system, an incrse of 1.6 times the graphics rendering capabilities
You can smoothly run on low 512MB memory using ART replace Dalvik, improve appliion run faster; RenderScript computing optimized to enhance graphics rendering capability of 1.6 times, touch screen control optimization.
2, more butiful and fresh interface style, and finally a full screen
Full-screen appliion support, giving you a complete full-screen enjoyment, status bar, and the virtual transparency, incrse the album cover display and playback control lock screen.
3, anytime, anywhere , wireless cloud print
Quick integrated software, wireless cloud print (documents, s, web pages), the new framework for storage access, user management file.
4, support for low-power sensors, smart wr excellent support
Support P pedometer, exercise anytime, anywhere, support Bluetooth4.0, wrable hlth appliions to enhance the degree of support.
5, optimization of multimedia, music playback time up to 50 percent
Support screen recording capabilities, supports low-power audio processing, up to 60 hours of music playback time, improve 50%, WiFi Display compatible Miracast certifiion.

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