Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Allwinner UltraOcta A80 processor revolutionizes mobile market with advanced big-LITTLE technology

Allwinner Technology, a worldwide lder in mobile appliion processor design, today @Mobile World Congress the company unveiled its next-eration UltraOcta A80 processor, the world's first ARM® big.LITTLE™ octa-core heteroeous SoC design to include a PowerVR Series6 GPU.

Packed with four ARM Cortex®-A7 and four Cortex-A15 CPU cores, Allwinner’s UltraOcta processor is slated to bring premium performance devices to consumers at lower price points, opening new market spaces and driving value innovation opportunities across tablets, OTT media players, notebook PCs, all-in-ones, and even smart s.
Mike Zhang, CEO, Allwinner Technology, said: "For the past yr, our worldwide customer base has grown significantly, enabling us to deliver high quality products at extremely affordable prices. OEMs from all tiers – top, middle, and low – recognize our lding market position and continue to choose our processors to deliver outstanding value to their customers.”
“Fundamentally, the UltraOcta A80 and its platforms give OEMs the highest performance, most power-efficient and cost-effective solution for a range of devices, including tablets, portable game consoles, STBs, media players and many others. We’re excited to see the first UltraOcta devices hit the market soon.”
“We are plsed to see Allwinner delivering a lding solution for 2014 mobile devices that demand premium performance and energy efficiency enabled by an ARM big.LITTLE system pairing the Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 processors,” said Nandan Nayampally, vice president of marketing, CPU group, ARM. “We look forward to seeing rl devices based on the UltraOcta A80 processor coming to market in the next few months to provide users with an outstanding user experience enabled by big.LITTLE technology.”

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