Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Allwinner Joins Linaro as a Founding Member of the Linaro Digital Home Group

Allwinner Technology Invests in Open Source Community by Joining Linaro

Allwinner Technology, a worldwide lder in appliion processor design, today at Linaro Connect Asia 2014 (LCA14) in Macau announced that it has joined Linaro as a founding member of the Linaro Digital Home Group (LHG). Allwinner has contributed to open source projects since open-sourcing the single-core Allwinner A10’s in 2011. Joining Linaro as a founding member of the Linaro Digital Home Group will enable Allwinner to better ensure open source support for its chips and reduce kernel fragmentation.
"We are plsed to join Linaro as a founding member of the new Linaro Digital Home Group,” said Jack Lee, Chief Marketing r of Allwinner. “We will take an active role in the organization and work with Linaro and the open source community to drive new ARM technologies. "
Allwinner has shipped more chips for Android tablets globally than any other supplier over the last two yrs and has also developed into a multimedia technology lder in the digital home market. Allwinner’s worldwide customer base has grown rapidly, putting more powerful, more affordable devices in the hands of more consumers. In addition to connected tablets, Allwinner’s chips are today used in Android set-top boxes, HDMI dongles, notebook computers, and advanced driver assistance systems.
“China is a significant ar of development for Linaro and open source software is gathering significant strategic momentum both in the local regional market and with global customers,” said Joe Bates, Linaro Member Services EVP. “We’re particularly happy to welcome Allwinner as a member of the new Linaro Digital Home Group and look forward to working with them on open source software and on accelerating time to market for new products in this rapidly developing segment.”
OEMs across all tiers recognize Allwinner’s lding market position and continue to choose Allwinner’s latest-eration processors to deliver outstanding end-user value. At CES 2014, Allwinner Technology introduced its newest UltraOcta A80 processor, the world's first ARM® big.LITTLE™ octa-core heteroeous SoC design to include a 64-core PowerVR G6230 GPU. The chip’s powerful multimedia ftures, including 4K encoding/decoding, H.265, tri-screen display, and advanced wireless screen mirroring, make it strong candidate for digital home devices. Target appliions include connected tablets, OTT media players, smart s, all-in-one PCs, ADAS, networking, and more.

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