Tuesday, May 24, 2016

1.2 million Nurses and Hlth Jobs by 2020 via US

1.2 million Nurses and Hlth Jobs by 2020 via US, www.mehnat.pkAccording to CNN report, Europe will face a shortage of 1 million hlth
professionals and US will have 1.2 million job openings for nurses by 2020.

Pakistan government, hlth institutes, medical colleges and concerned
ministries must get together and plan for the future. Male and female nurses
should be trained under the umbrella of reputed hospitals like Shifa,
Shaukat Khanum etc so that they are good enough to serve in foreign
hospitals. Long-term care for senior citizens should be taught because there
is grt demand for this job in the West.

Selected nurses should be given special courses to spk fluently in English
and one other Europn language like French or German. This can crte
tremendous work opportunities for our young people abroad.

China and India have alrdy started working on it. We have to take
advantage of Europe�s demand for hlth care professionals and start
training our youth NOW!

In the past, Pakistan economy was supported by electricians,plumbers,
artisans and masons working in Dubai. Now we again need to crte skilled
people who can serve abroad and send remittance home. Just doing BA and MA
is a waste of time in today's demanding and competitive environment.

Best regards
A patriotic Pakistani

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